DevOps Subscription Plans

We've got highly qualified DevOps engineers available to suit your business needs on-demand. Our team of engineers led by experienced DevOps Team Leader is the best force to address IT infrastructure and software runtime issues 24x7, securing ROI.
Meet Softethica DevOps Team DevOps team composition and other people available on-demand


10 hours of the DevOps effort is enough to run the cloud-based infrastructure of the Small-Medium Business. It also makes sense if your Company would like to have software services (like WordPress-based Corporate website, CRM, ERP, etc) accessible, secured, and monitored.


For Technology startups or Software Engineering companies, 30 hours of DevOps presence is enough to support several Software development teams empowering the process with CI/CD automation and development environment support.


Big Enterprises and high-loaded Software services require not less than 80 hours of skilled DevOps and Software Reliability Engineers (SRE) to ensure an appropriate level of IT infrastructure readiness, availability, and scalability fulfilling SLA effectively.