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Hyperledger deployment & Blockchain solutions development

The modern IT society establishes new ethical standards and demands of the virtual world.
Immutability, trust, and audit are key for the sustainable management of Smart Companies, therefore adopting digital trust based on Blockchain & Smart Contracts can significantly improve your Company's reputation and market placement. The use of Blockchain technologies brings up great opportunities: you can use Smart Contracts for business logic, Blockchains as immutable digital ledgers, and Certificate Authority & Digital signing services for security purposes. Implementing sustainability approaches within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems provides leaders with better operations and assets management in an integrative and trustful manner.

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Cloud applications
Cloud applications
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Every business operates much more effectively being insights-driven. That's where Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches come into play. The key point is the use of previous experience and historical data. The process is quite complicated: applying data enrichment and data labeling in conjunction with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for computer vision and natural language processing. But, as a result, empowers businessmen to address challenges fast. It would be nice to mention that such kinds of business models allow adjusting various system operations in fintech, machinery, supply chains, and logistics, etc... everywhere by, for example, taking into account the impact of the possible human factor (or avoiding it).

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Cloud/DevOps, Monitoring & Availability management, CI/CD

The Continuous Delivery paradigm (the core of Agile) is indeed the proven way to speed up time-to-market and overrun the ROI of software services as well. And that's true, that each running application nests some kind of technical debt. Once the application got deprecated or simply becomes "not good enough", Software Developers can suggest the best way to resolve the problem.
And what for DevOps? DevOps can not only help to find the exact problem to be solved but suggest the way it can be done efficiently, cost-effectively, and quickly. That is the point.
Cloud runtime monitoring tools (for example, MS Azure Application Insights) help to fine-tune software in real-time, continuing to serve the application consumers. We can deploy your infrastructure to the cloud, enable run-time monitoring, and start application modernization smoothly removing real bottlenecks and other various headaches. So, if your Agile Developers want to manage software security and quality as well as control service availability with performing new software releases - simply contact us, we will help with the Deployment Strategy development and CI/CD pipeline implementation.

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Accelerating Approach for smart Companies

The Company should continuously improve their own business architecture every two years to keep a leading position on the market. So, Change Management strategy is a must-have for a Smart Company that wants to move data-driven and faster, managing the cost of changes. Suggested Acceleration Approach fits the criteria of cost-saving and efficiency converting Change Strategy into day-to-day business decisions powered by Information Technologies.

Bar graph
Bar graph

Business Architecture Analysis

Assess existing operating model & value chain;

Evaluate Infrastructure & Operational risks;

Check information Security Policy and Controls.


IT Blueprint Mapping

Create IT Blueprint Matrix to define area for improvements;

Define Success criteria, KPIs and SLA;

Create Solution and Roadmap: timelines, outcomes, acceptance criteria.



Align Awareness, Changes, Scope & Deliverables;

Implement Changes;

Control metrics.



Monitor Infrastructure health in real time;

Ensure continious service availability.

Control ROI.


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Opensource & DevOps Community

We cultivate the idea of open source and culture of personal contribution as a part of DevOps Professional Ethics

SoftEthica Opensource Team

All our Projects on GitHub

Join the DevOps community developing the World and yourself by Open Source. You need just some skills in Golang, JavaScript, Unix Shell or PowerShell and your personal intention to get things done.

HyperLedger Network Client

HyperLedger REST Connectors

We extend Hyperledger, the most popular open-source blockchain solution that brings immutability, trust and audit into the business processes like Corporate Asset Performance Management and Inventory & Provisioning.

Making Node.js reliable

A GRPC Socket.io replacement

Standard Socket.io library is a core of most popular runtimes like Node.js and even more promising Nest.js
Using GRPC Socket.io proxy implementation we have it more reliable, faster and sustained.


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